Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Months Later... (Sorry For Gap)

Gosh, I have so much going on in my life right now that I only don’t feel like I have time to breath. It is ALL drama. Pure drama. And I truly HATE drama. I have coming from relationships and from my school. 

Plus Mary passed away. Actually that is one of the main reasons I stayed away from here. I didn't want to admit to myself via writing that she was truly dead. She died April 24th at about 7:45pm with her husband and family around her. I felt weird celebrating my birthday the next day because I felt like I should be mourning. Her memorial service was about 3 weeks later at the end of May. It was really sweet and touching. I remember most that the preacher said that she was most happy in the kitchen cooking for her man. Not only did I see that but I also understand how that feels. It feels so weird not being able to tell her everything and seeing her online. So many times I think of something I want to tell her but then remember that I can't tell her anymore. I miss her alot.

School is where I am getting most of the drama from. And it is screwing with me the most. I attend Miller- Motte College. If you haven’t seen the annoyingly feel good commercial then please watch it here. It takes over 2 years to complete a associates in Surgical Technology (the field I have been attempting to get through for 2 years now…) and that is without the teacher trying to sabotage it. I final got to the actual Surgical Tech part of the class in January. I was doing really well until my practicum. I was doing really good during that as well until the gowning and gloving part. I tore the gown down the entire sleeve. I had to wait until Ms. Clark finished her conversation with Ms. Walker before she walked to the back room to get me a new gown (wrong size that she had to replace). I have never seen any move so slowly before so I figured the other teacher, Mr. Gibbons, had stopped the stop watch. When Ms. Clark was removing my gloves, she popped the left one and then had to  (slowly) go back to the back room to get me another pair. I didn’t find out until afterwords that Mr. Gibbons never stopped the stop watch and that I went over my time allowance by 1 minute 12 seconds. This meant I was out of the program until July. Mr. Gibbons suggested that I go into the Sterile Processing field for a quarter because I need to stay in school in order to stay in line to get back in to the ST program and I could also wrap up the SP program in just one quarter. I agreed and started it two weeks later. I did really well in that program as well except for thing. Classes end in 10 days and I have yet to be scheduled for my clinicals. If I finish my clinicals then I could graduate this program and start back with the ST program. If I don’t finish my clinicals in time, well then I just wasted a couple of grand and about 3 months of my life. My teacher (the lovely Ms. Walker) for whatever reason is screwing me and some of my classmates out of a graduation. There were 12 students in my class. We finished the actually class part in a month which left two months for us to finish our clinicals. One site was suppose to take 8 days and the other was suppose to take 2 weeks. So even if we did one person at a time at each site we would have just enough time to get everyone done. But there would be more than one person at a time doing their clinicals. I tried to keep in contact with Ms. Walker this past two months but she never returned my letters and emails. At the one month mark, being concerned, I emailed the teacher above Ms. Walker. She got her to email me back within a day to tell me I was on a waiting list but wouldn’t tell me when I could expect to go. Well three weeks later, again I couldn’t get a hold of Ms. Walker so I called the Dean of the school. He said he would talk to my teachers. A few hours later Ms. Walker called me back saying that I am still on a waiting list. She said that only 5 students have finished their clinicals. She also said that she would try to get me in my clinicals on June 23rd but she wasn’t sure yet because there were 7 students vying for 3 spots. She said she would call me by Friday, June 18th to let me know so that I can make arrangements with work. Well guess what. No email and no phone calls and it is now Saturday. I don’t know what to do. I want out of this school but I don’t know if I can get my credits to transfer because this is a private school and not a state school. My mom is dead set against me leaving but my dad wants me out. He sees I am getting screwed over and my mom is worried about appearances. She hates the fact that I am a 27 year old trying to do college. I don’t know what to do or even who to talk to to get some unbiased advice.

Like I mentioned before, I also have drama from relationships. I have a guy harassing me with the help of his mother and my boyfriend is fighting with his two best friends and somehow I got involved. The guy that is harassing me is the son of some family friends. My mother and I are part of a group called the Sisterhood. It is made up of some of my mom’s old coworkers and their children. Denise’s son, Jacob, has been texting me and iming me like crazy saying things like he wanted to break me and my boyfriend up, that he was crazy for me, he would kill himself if I didn’t date him, and how he was going to have his parents arrange our marriage if I didn’t agree to date him for the past two months. It got so bad at one point my dad (a retired police captain) had to get involved. Even then he carried on for another day or two. Then he was quiet for a little while. He started back again on the texting last week (I had facebook and yahoo blocked him). I ignored it because I thought I wouldn’t see him again. He hadn’t been to the last few Sisterhood meetings. I went to the latest meeting last night (dinner and a concert). When we got to dinner, Denise was there with her husband and her niece and the niece’s fiance. After we order Denise called Jacob and told him to come to the restaurant. By the way that Denise was talking I could tell she knew of the situation between Jacob and I. I tried my best to ignore him. He did try to get my attention a few times during the dinner but with my dad seating near by he didn’t try too hard. At the concert, my parents were nice enough to arrange the chairs so that they sat in between me and Jacob. I am waiting for the text messages to start all over again. I wish Verizon would allow me to block his number.

Well that is all my major drama for now. Oh wait, I forgot, I am going to Ohio tonight to meet Matt’s ENTIRE family at his family reunion. This includes his grandmother who already black listed one son that married a shiska. I am not Jewish (but I do plan on converting once I am engaged to Matt). I hope his family likes me.

I hope I get a break from all this drama. It is driving me insane.

Namaste my friends.
Kelly Star

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