Sunday, September 25, 2011

She's Back!

So I apologize for being MIA for over a year. Alot has happened. Unfortunately I haven't had time to write much. I am now going to make time in my life for blogging again because I missed it.

I guess I should catch you up on what has been happening. In my last few post I had told y'all about Matt and I had decided to move in together, I started a new job, and I was debating on going back to school. Matt and I did move in together. We only lasted 6 months after that and he moved in with our neighbor in the apartment next door. We are still best friends and we see each other daily but we know that anything more between us in not possible. I will explain more about what happen in later posts. I am currently living in the same apartment but I have a grad student as a roommate. I did start a new job but was fired because they expected me to a full fledged maid as well as a nanny but I refused without a pay increase. I am now no longer a nanny and currently working at Dillard's. I miss nannying  and looking for a new position but I will be taking my time this time to insure that I find the right position. I am back in school fulltime but thankfully most of my classes are online so I can do it when I have free time. I have decided to go for an associates degree in electroneurodiagnostic technology. Its hard but rewarding.

I will try my best to write regularly and I will write more in depth post of what has been going on for the past year.