Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Four Of The Ohio Trip!!!!

So today has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Things started off with a fight with Matt over something stupid. It was dramatic and pointless and we both ended up hurt. I won't say what it was about or who was at fault. All I will say is that Matt and I are okay now.

Matt's grandma also went into the hospital. We were worried at first because they thought that she had had a heart attack. It turns out that she only had congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Matt went by himself to go see her. I didn't think that it was right to go with him while we were fighting plus I felt like it would be disrespectful to his grandmother to bring the focus from her to our fight (we wouldn't have fought there but his family would know something was up because we wouldn't be as lovey dovey as we normally are to each other).

This afternoon (after Matt and I had made back up and he went to visit his grandma) Matt took me out to dinner with his friend, Megan. We went to a Mongolian place down on Coventry. Then we went to some of the stores along Coventry. At a used book store I found the play of Anne Of Thousand Days which is my all time favorite movie. I also found a cloth and wooden folding fan at a Buddha store.

After all that Matt took me on a trip down memory lane. He took me to a Jewish bakery where he bought me a huge chocolate pastry thingy with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips. Then he took me by his old temple. Then he showed me the house he grew up in. He said that if he ever moved back to Cleveland he would make an offer on it. I could see raising a family there. It was a cozy neighborhood. Then he took me to his favorite Jewish deli where I bought some yummy knishes for us and for my parents. I hadn't had a knish in years. Not since New York use to sell them at the street cart vendors.

Tonight we went to meet his friends at a bar that he use to go to when he lived there. I think it was called the Lamp Lighter. I was nervous about going because all of Matt's old girlfriends he met after high school and before he moved, he met there at the Lamp Lighter. I am not really a jealous person. I just don't like dealing with ex's. It was fun for about the first hour or so before the one I was dreading the most walked in the door. Not only is she a major slut (I say this because she would walk up to every male there including all of Matt's friends saying things like "So how come I never see you naked anymore?") but she is married and doesn't really see anyone as off limits. After seeing how uncomfortable she was making me (I mean she would wait until the very second Matt was away from me or stand outside SHRIEKING his name), Matt took me back to Brett's place. We ended watching the Titus stand up thing from the beginning and ate our pastries. Matt had gotten a huge smilie face cookie. It was when I was trying to find a fork to eat my pastry with that we found out that Brett had gone through and hidden all the forks, knives, and any other sharp object that could be found. I mean he even took the butter knives. Let me make this VERY clear- Matt and I never have been and never will be violent to each other. So we found this extremely funny that Brett would do this. We teased him about it when he came home.

Well we are leaving early in the morning to head back home.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

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