Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where Is Dorthy And The Wicked Witch?

So when I left Riley's today, I figured I would just go back to the apartment I am pet sitting at. Halfway there I come to an intersection where there is a cop car blocking one of the four lanes of traffic but the officer is talking to someone on a side street. I didn't know what it meant and I guess the car in front of my didn't either. We both went around the cop car and started going down the road. Suddenly the car in front slams on their brakes. Confused I looked around their car to see this:

Yes, my friends, that is a GIANT historical house coming down the street at us with the other half of it coming up behind it! It was so big it took up all four lanes. The car in front of me and I both did U- turns and got out of there. Safe to say, this was not how I was expecting to see this morning.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

I Have Alot Of Thinking To Do...

I am over at Riley's again. She has been in bed for a while. The quiet has left me with alot of time to think and I don't know if it is because of the stress of my situation that is making me sick or if I have caught some sort of stomach bug.

As I mentioned before I have a meeting with my Sterile Processing teacher and the Dean of Miller- Motte College on Monday. I am nervous about what is going to be said. I am starting to get to the point where I really don't trust anything. I noticed that Ms. Walker has finally graded my paper. I have a 100% on it. While it was a decent paper, I don't know if I got that grade because I earned it or because she is covering her ass.

Whatever the outcome of the meeting, I know I am not going back to MMC next quarter. I don't know if I am going to Durham Tech or Wake Tech this fall or if I can even get in. I don't even know if I want to continue at this point with school. I kind of want to take a break from it and get a full time job to go along with the job I have with Riley. If I do this option I can make enough to move in with Matt and out of my parents' place (I was only living there to keep my cost down while I was in school). Plus I can put money away for when I do go back to school.

If I do go to school, I have a few things to figure out. It mainly has to deal with rather or not Durham Tech and Wake Tech will even take my credits or not. There is a very good chance that they may not take my credits which means I have to start ALL over again with even the basics. If I have to start all over, should I just pick another major to do or continue with Surgical Technology (they both offer this program) which was my original goal at MMC? If I do pick another major what do I pick? The job that I have had that I have loved the most was being a nanny (not like I am to Riley right now but a real daytime nanny) but I know that there is no future in that nor can I raise a family on that kind of salary. There is no job security. I chose Surgical Technology because anatomy fascinates me and health care jobs are in demand and there is job security there. But will I be happy there?

I plan on talking to the other colleges on Monday after my meeting to find out if they will take my credits or not. Then I will have to figure out what I am going to do. I also have to figure out finical aid and loans too. Plus I have to weigh which campus I want to go to. Durham Tech is closer but muggings, etc are common. Wake Tech is safer but almost an hour away so the gas is going to cost alot.

I don't know what to do... Any suggestions?

Namaste my friends,

Kelly Star

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Thoughts And Things I Have Noticed On This Blogging Platform

First of all, Kelly Star is not my real name. It is sort of a self imposed nickname/ nom de plume. Kelly is my real first name. Star is a made up last name but yet still a family name from a few generations ago. I am not going to use my real name on here because with the weirdos and whatnot out there, it would just be dumb. However, I may have to change my name after finding out that not only do I share Kelly Star with a porn star wannabe but she too has a blog on Blogger. Okay okay so she spells it Starr but it is still too close for comfort. I am debating if I should change my nom de plume but if I do, it won't have the same meaning to me as Kelly Star does. I have an email account for when I use things like craigslist that has the name Kelly Star as the senders name. When ever my phone buzzes with a notification for a email for Kelly Star, both me and Matt say it like that girl says "Super star" in, well "Superstar".

Another thing I have noticed as I hit the button marked "Next Blog" to see what is out there, I have noticed that it is either a Christianity devotion blog or a blog about some mom and her kid(s) and her happy husband (they all seem like charmed little lives that belong on a lifetime movie). Or both. I have occasionally stumbled on to a random trip blog or living in another state or country blog. This site is made up of more different people than I thought. It is interesting to read through them and briefly see the world or someone else's world through their eyes. I wonder sometimes if there is someone out there reading my posts and seeing things through my eyes.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Long Road Home...

I am dead exhausted writing this but I promised myself that I finish this before going to bed. We got up this morning at 7am. Okay in all honesty, Matt got up at 7am and finally managed to get me up around 7:30am.  I can't do mornings. LOL

We managed to get all packed up and out the door by 8:45am. Only 45 minutes late. Matt took the first leg of the driving. I grabbed his pillows and blanket and immediately passed out. I woke up a couple of times to see that rain was causing visibility to drop to almost zero. After a bit Matt pulled over so he could take a nap too. I was too tired to really wake up at this point. I have since come up with a theory that there is something about his scent that makes me go into a deep sleep. I noticed that when ever I go over to his place, if I curl up with his blanket or pillow, even just to watch a movie, I am out like a light very quickly. Any ways, we both slept for about an hour before he started driving again. After about three hours, Matt and I switched driving. While I was driving, I noticed some interesting things. First of all I followed this one van forever because I was concerned about their dog. I don't know if you can tell or not but the dog (a Shepard mix of some sort) is crammed up against the window. The van is packed with clothing, a mattress and box spring,  a rolling desk chair, and other household stuff. Poor puppy.

I also saw some really beautiful scenery.

I did go up against one of my fears. I absolutely hate driving in tunnels. I am fine if I am the passenger but as the driver it is horrible. I don't like the dark and I don't like not seeing the exit. It also doesn't really help when you are following half a house through the tunnel so then you really can't see the exit until the house moves.

We did have a sad moment when Matt realized that he had misplaced the diamond heart necklace he got me for my birthday. I had taken it off while we were fighting and didn't want to put it back on until I felt everything was resolved. He was keeping it in his pocket and we think it fell out at the rest stop off of 77S outside of Parkersburg, WV when we stop for a quick bathroom break and food. He was really upset because he felt it was a symbol of his love for me. While I am disappointed that it is gone, I am more relieved to be over our fight. We are going to search the car again when we get a chance but we are pretty sure it is at the rest area. If anyone finds it, I will pay for the shipping and I am also offering up a reward for it. It was in a plastic baggie. I hope it can be found mainly so that Matt will feel better. I hate seeing him upset.

After Matt and I switched back up again, we saw a mini- police chase. It was funny because the cop was behind us and suddenly went around us (thank god I have a thin blue line on my car!!!). We both knew the car in front of us was going to get pulled. Sure enough, the blue lights came on. And then they stayed on for about twenty minutes before the guy finally pulled over.

We were so happy to see our welcome home sign.

I loved seeing Pilot Mountain up close. Matt and I talked about coming back and camping out sometime. I can't wait. I have my Grandfather's family on my mother's side up in that area. I would love to show him more of my roots.

All and all it was a very good trip but honestly I wish I was at home. Right now I am pet sitting for some friends and their two boxers until Sunday evening. I miss my bed and my family. Hopefully I can swing by their house on Saturday.

Well, Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Four Of The Ohio Trip!!!!

So today has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Things started off with a fight with Matt over something stupid. It was dramatic and pointless and we both ended up hurt. I won't say what it was about or who was at fault. All I will say is that Matt and I are okay now.

Matt's grandma also went into the hospital. We were worried at first because they thought that she had had a heart attack. It turns out that she only had congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Matt went by himself to go see her. I didn't think that it was right to go with him while we were fighting plus I felt like it would be disrespectful to his grandmother to bring the focus from her to our fight (we wouldn't have fought there but his family would know something was up because we wouldn't be as lovey dovey as we normally are to each other).

This afternoon (after Matt and I had made back up and he went to visit his grandma) Matt took me out to dinner with his friend, Megan. We went to a Mongolian place down on Coventry. Then we went to some of the stores along Coventry. At a used book store I found the play of Anne Of Thousand Days which is my all time favorite movie. I also found a cloth and wooden folding fan at a Buddha store.

After all that Matt took me on a trip down memory lane. He took me to a Jewish bakery where he bought me a huge chocolate pastry thingy with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips. Then he took me by his old temple. Then he showed me the house he grew up in. He said that if he ever moved back to Cleveland he would make an offer on it. I could see raising a family there. It was a cozy neighborhood. Then he took me to his favorite Jewish deli where I bought some yummy knishes for us and for my parents. I hadn't had a knish in years. Not since New York use to sell them at the street cart vendors.

Tonight we went to meet his friends at a bar that he use to go to when he lived there. I think it was called the Lamp Lighter. I was nervous about going because all of Matt's old girlfriends he met after high school and before he moved, he met there at the Lamp Lighter. I am not really a jealous person. I just don't like dealing with ex's. It was fun for about the first hour or so before the one I was dreading the most walked in the door. Not only is she a major slut (I say this because she would walk up to every male there including all of Matt's friends saying things like "So how come I never see you naked anymore?") but she is married and doesn't really see anyone as off limits. After seeing how uncomfortable she was making me (I mean she would wait until the very second Matt was away from me or stand outside SHRIEKING his name), Matt took me back to Brett's place. We ended watching the Titus stand up thing from the beginning and ate our pastries. Matt had gotten a huge smilie face cookie. It was when I was trying to find a fork to eat my pastry with that we found out that Brett had gone through and hidden all the forks, knives, and any other sharp object that could be found. I mean he even took the butter knives. Let me make this VERY clear- Matt and I never have been and never will be violent to each other. So we found this extremely funny that Brett would do this. We teased him about it when he came home.

Well we are leaving early in the morning to head back home.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Three Of The Ohio Trip!!!

Today was a crazy long day. Matt was sweet enough to let me catch up on sleep. I was very grateful. I needed the sleep.

Anyways, after sleeping in, Matt took me to his cousin's glass studio, The Glass Bubble Project. His cousin, Mike, wasn't in but one of the guys that works there let us explore the shop. It was filled with lots of beautiful pieces. When Matt and I come back in November for his class reunion I plan on doing some Christmas shopping... a glass skull for my sister... a beautiful cake stand for my mother... and who knows what else. I did find this really cool paperweight that had a relief of an old man's face. I swear it looks just like my father. Unfortunately I can't take a picture of it to due it justice.

After the studio, Matt took me into the city to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know I have been to Cleveland before when I was a child but I honestly don't remember it being a big city like Chicago or New York.

While driving to the Hall Of Fame, we saw where the Browns play.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty cool. I didn't remember much from when I went, gosh, 15 years or so ago. Matt has a special love for the Hall of Fame due to his love of music and his job as DJ. I think as excited as I was to go, he may have been more excited to go even though he had been a ton of times before hand. I had a lot of fun seeing all the exhibits. Matt and I had an interesting lunch at the cafe. I had a roast beef wrap (smothered mustard of course) and he had nuked chicken tenders, a questionable spanish rice, and veggies. After that we went to that actually hall of fame part and saw the glass etched signatures. I know I couldn't take pictures inside the museum but when I saw Joni Mitchell's signature, I had to have Matt take my picture (you can't see me under the signature though). I love her voice. Her music is some of the most soothing music I have ever heard.

After spending all afternoon at the Hall of Fame, Matt and I went to grocery store to get the makings for supper. When his friends had come down to NC a few months ago, I cooked for them and they seem to love it. I had made them steaks and my famous mashed potatoes (My mashed potatoes are fully load). When they found out that there were a bit of potatoes left in the pot, all four of them raced to the kitchen to fight over who got the last bit of it. Well, for tonight I knew I would make the potatoes again. I also would make kielbasa with noodles and peppers. 

While we were at the store I was amazed at some of the stuff I found for sell there. I had never seen a rutabaga before, only heard of them. Plus this place had RC cola which I am more in love with than Coca-cola. But I also found some yummy Hungarian food that I honestly wish I could have gotten to make but I didn't want to attempt to make something for the first time for the guys and ruin it.

 Once we got back home I began cooking while the guys went back and forth between playing videos games and watching a Titus stand up. First I started to make the potatoes since boiling them would take forever. Then I started working on kielbasa and peppers. After slicing the meat links into 1 inch circles, I sauteed the meat in a little bit of olive oil until they swelled up and turned brown. Then I sliced up the peppers (one red, one yellow and two green for color) and half of a large sweet onion. I sauteed these in olive oil as well. Then I put them to the side to start making the potatoes while the noodles boiled. After I drained the potatoes, I dumped sour cream, a stick of butter and some milk into the pot and mashed the potatoes up until they were pretty much creamy. Then I added in oregano, chives, cilantro, sharp cheddar cheese and bacon bits. After it was all mixed, I drained the noodles and mixed the onions, peppers, and kielbasa into the noodles. The guys loved it!!!

Well, Matt is out with the guys having a guys night and I need to get some sleep.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Two Of The Ohio Trip!!

Today was just as busy and just as much fun as yesterday was. Matt and I went out to his parents' camper for lunch with about 15 members of his family. It was a blast. His dad was joking around quite a bit especially with some funny hats. Matt ended up wearing one of them at one point. 

 Matt's parents taught me how to play rummy Q. It was alot of fun and I caught on quickly. Apparently his ENTIRE family plays this game. At one point, Matt and I walked down to the game room. Along the way I returned a call from Ms. Walker that I missed earlier. She was upset that I called the Dean again. I have a meeting with the two of them on Monday at 9:30am. No clue what the meeting is about but I already know that I am not going to this school after this quarter.

After the game room visit, we went back to the camper for lunch. I enjoyed watching Matt's little cousins play. They were cute playing in the water. Of course when we were leaving, Matt's father had to spray us with the hose (of course causing me to scream... twice... LOL). 

After the cookout we went to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Marc's house in Westlake. My cousins, the twins (Sam and Evan) and Caroline, were there (although Caroline wasn't able to make it until after dinner due to a church meeting. I feel so old seeing my cousins. I always think of them as little kids and not the 14 year olds and 16 year old that they are.  (The pictures are borrowed from their facebook pages because I didn't remember to actually take pictures. Sorry...). My Aunt Jan made amazing steaks, yummy walnut and cranberry salad, sliced fruit, and herby potatoes. She fixed some sort of ice cream cake for dessert. After that Caroline showed up with S'mores fixings so we all went out to the fire pit. It was nice and relaxing. It was good to see them again. I usually only see them at Thanksgiving.

Well, it is late. I feel my sleeping bag calling me.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day One Of The Ohio Trip!

Today was the longest days also one of the funniest I have had in the longest time.

Matt and I left my parents' house at 4am this morning. The plan was for me to drive pretty much the whole way up since Matt had two shows that afternoon. Matt slept off and on during the ride up (isn't he cute when he sleeps?). My parents insisted that we use their Garmen instead of using my VZ Navigator. Big mistake. It wasn't until we were in Virginia that we realized that the Garmen was sending up all back roads and no interstates or highways. It was fine until we hit the mountains. At that point we saw the Garmen on roads that would U turn so quickly that they more resembled Cancer awareness ribbons than roads. It was so hard because it was super foggy this morning. I now know why it is called  the Smoky Mountains.

We also noticed that the route it was sending us on was really odd. If we went up mountains, we would be in Virgina. However, if we went down a mountain, then we would be in West Virgina. This happened a couple of times before we actually stayed in West Virgina. At least the views were pretty. It was while we were in West Virgina and on the phone with Matt's mom that she helped us discovered that while on our family vacation to Chicago last year, my father had programed the Garmen to avoid Toll Roads. Well, Matt and I promptly changed that and thus changed our route. Instead of heading to Marietta (which would have taken us to a route that Matt was familiar with), it changed our route to go to Pennsylvania. Of course we didn't know this until we saw this:

Well, at this point we figure that we will only be in Pennsylvania for just a little bit. Nope, we were there for TWO HOURS before we picked up the turnpike. Once in Pennsylvania, Matt and I switched up driving because I was exhausted. When we crossed over into Ohio I noticed a really cool car (I LOVE old cars) and a odd sight that I can't explain... Yep that is a driver with her bare foot out the window. What you can't tell from this angle is that she also had a dog in her lap.

When we finally got to Cleveland, we went to Matt's friend, Dave's house to get ready for the reunion. I had met Dave before when he came down to visit Matt back in March. Dave lives with his parents and brother. I swear his brother looks just like Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU. After showers and getting decent, we went to Imperial Wok for his family reunion. I will admit, I was nervous as hell but it turns out that I had nothing to worry about. Everyone greeted me with a smile, a hug, and usually a kiss too. I loved how one of his cousin when introduced to me, turned to Matt saying "What are you doing right down there?". That sent both Matt and I into big smiles. I loved meeting his grandmother. She is a sweet soul. She was telling me about how they get together every couple of years. She also told me they were having another in two years and that I should make plans to come to that one too. Matt says that she approves of me dating him. Yay!!! The shiksa got approved!!!

After the reunion, Matt and I went to a bar to meet all of his friends for some pay-per-view wrestling thing. If you don't know by now, let me tell you. I can't stand wrestling. Well, I like high school and college wrestling. The real stuff. I hate the WWE Raw, etc wrestling. I will tolerate it when I am with Matt if I can do something else, like read or sleep or clean the bathroom. LOL Well that is what I ended up doing. Reading I mean. I sat there and read my nook. I am reading Burned (House of Night #7). I was happy and so was Matt. We both got to do what we enjoyed and still was able to spend time together.

After all that we went to his other friend, Brett's house to spend the night. I swear I will crash out as soon as my head hits my pillow.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Months Later... (Sorry For Gap)

Gosh, I have so much going on in my life right now that I only don’t feel like I have time to breath. It is ALL drama. Pure drama. And I truly HATE drama. I have coming from relationships and from my school. 

Plus Mary passed away. Actually that is one of the main reasons I stayed away from here. I didn't want to admit to myself via writing that she was truly dead. She died April 24th at about 7:45pm with her husband and family around her. I felt weird celebrating my birthday the next day because I felt like I should be mourning. Her memorial service was about 3 weeks later at the end of May. It was really sweet and touching. I remember most that the preacher said that she was most happy in the kitchen cooking for her man. Not only did I see that but I also understand how that feels. It feels so weird not being able to tell her everything and seeing her online. So many times I think of something I want to tell her but then remember that I can't tell her anymore. I miss her alot.

School is where I am getting most of the drama from. And it is screwing with me the most. I attend Miller- Motte College. If you haven’t seen the annoyingly feel good commercial then please watch it here. It takes over 2 years to complete a associates in Surgical Technology (the field I have been attempting to get through for 2 years now…) and that is without the teacher trying to sabotage it. I final got to the actual Surgical Tech part of the class in January. I was doing really well until my practicum. I was doing really good during that as well until the gowning and gloving part. I tore the gown down the entire sleeve. I had to wait until Ms. Clark finished her conversation with Ms. Walker before she walked to the back room to get me a new gown (wrong size that she had to replace). I have never seen any move so slowly before so I figured the other teacher, Mr. Gibbons, had stopped the stop watch. When Ms. Clark was removing my gloves, she popped the left one and then had to  (slowly) go back to the back room to get me another pair. I didn’t find out until afterwords that Mr. Gibbons never stopped the stop watch and that I went over my time allowance by 1 minute 12 seconds. This meant I was out of the program until July. Mr. Gibbons suggested that I go into the Sterile Processing field for a quarter because I need to stay in school in order to stay in line to get back in to the ST program and I could also wrap up the SP program in just one quarter. I agreed and started it two weeks later. I did really well in that program as well except for thing. Classes end in 10 days and I have yet to be scheduled for my clinicals. If I finish my clinicals then I could graduate this program and start back with the ST program. If I don’t finish my clinicals in time, well then I just wasted a couple of grand and about 3 months of my life. My teacher (the lovely Ms. Walker) for whatever reason is screwing me and some of my classmates out of a graduation. There were 12 students in my class. We finished the actually class part in a month which left two months for us to finish our clinicals. One site was suppose to take 8 days and the other was suppose to take 2 weeks. So even if we did one person at a time at each site we would have just enough time to get everyone done. But there would be more than one person at a time doing their clinicals. I tried to keep in contact with Ms. Walker this past two months but she never returned my letters and emails. At the one month mark, being concerned, I emailed the teacher above Ms. Walker. She got her to email me back within a day to tell me I was on a waiting list but wouldn’t tell me when I could expect to go. Well three weeks later, again I couldn’t get a hold of Ms. Walker so I called the Dean of the school. He said he would talk to my teachers. A few hours later Ms. Walker called me back saying that I am still on a waiting list. She said that only 5 students have finished their clinicals. She also said that she would try to get me in my clinicals on June 23rd but she wasn’t sure yet because there were 7 students vying for 3 spots. She said she would call me by Friday, June 18th to let me know so that I can make arrangements with work. Well guess what. No email and no phone calls and it is now Saturday. I don’t know what to do. I want out of this school but I don’t know if I can get my credits to transfer because this is a private school and not a state school. My mom is dead set against me leaving but my dad wants me out. He sees I am getting screwed over and my mom is worried about appearances. She hates the fact that I am a 27 year old trying to do college. I don’t know what to do or even who to talk to to get some unbiased advice.

Like I mentioned before, I also have drama from relationships. I have a guy harassing me with the help of his mother and my boyfriend is fighting with his two best friends and somehow I got involved. The guy that is harassing me is the son of some family friends. My mother and I are part of a group called the Sisterhood. It is made up of some of my mom’s old coworkers and their children. Denise’s son, Jacob, has been texting me and iming me like crazy saying things like he wanted to break me and my boyfriend up, that he was crazy for me, he would kill himself if I didn’t date him, and how he was going to have his parents arrange our marriage if I didn’t agree to date him for the past two months. It got so bad at one point my dad (a retired police captain) had to get involved. Even then he carried on for another day or two. Then he was quiet for a little while. He started back again on the texting last week (I had facebook and yahoo blocked him). I ignored it because I thought I wouldn’t see him again. He hadn’t been to the last few Sisterhood meetings. I went to the latest meeting last night (dinner and a concert). When we got to dinner, Denise was there with her husband and her niece and the niece’s fiance. After we order Denise called Jacob and told him to come to the restaurant. By the way that Denise was talking I could tell she knew of the situation between Jacob and I. I tried my best to ignore him. He did try to get my attention a few times during the dinner but with my dad seating near by he didn’t try too hard. At the concert, my parents were nice enough to arrange the chairs so that they sat in between me and Jacob. I am waiting for the text messages to start all over again. I wish Verizon would allow me to block his number.

Well that is all my major drama for now. Oh wait, I forgot, I am going to Ohio tonight to meet Matt’s ENTIRE family at his family reunion. This includes his grandmother who already black listed one son that married a shiska. I am not Jewish (but I do plan on converting once I am engaged to Matt). I hope his family likes me.

I hope I get a break from all this drama. It is driving me insane.

Namaste my friends.
Kelly Star