Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Three Of The Ohio Trip!!!

Today was a crazy long day. Matt was sweet enough to let me catch up on sleep. I was very grateful. I needed the sleep.

Anyways, after sleeping in, Matt took me to his cousin's glass studio, The Glass Bubble Project. His cousin, Mike, wasn't in but one of the guys that works there let us explore the shop. It was filled with lots of beautiful pieces. When Matt and I come back in November for his class reunion I plan on doing some Christmas shopping... a glass skull for my sister... a beautiful cake stand for my mother... and who knows what else. I did find this really cool paperweight that had a relief of an old man's face. I swear it looks just like my father. Unfortunately I can't take a picture of it to due it justice.

After the studio, Matt took me into the city to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know I have been to Cleveland before when I was a child but I honestly don't remember it being a big city like Chicago or New York.

While driving to the Hall Of Fame, we saw where the Browns play.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty cool. I didn't remember much from when I went, gosh, 15 years or so ago. Matt has a special love for the Hall of Fame due to his love of music and his job as DJ. I think as excited as I was to go, he may have been more excited to go even though he had been a ton of times before hand. I had a lot of fun seeing all the exhibits. Matt and I had an interesting lunch at the cafe. I had a roast beef wrap (smothered mustard of course) and he had nuked chicken tenders, a questionable spanish rice, and veggies. After that we went to that actually hall of fame part and saw the glass etched signatures. I know I couldn't take pictures inside the museum but when I saw Joni Mitchell's signature, I had to have Matt take my picture (you can't see me under the signature though). I love her voice. Her music is some of the most soothing music I have ever heard.

After spending all afternoon at the Hall of Fame, Matt and I went to grocery store to get the makings for supper. When his friends had come down to NC a few months ago, I cooked for them and they seem to love it. I had made them steaks and my famous mashed potatoes (My mashed potatoes are fully load). When they found out that there were a bit of potatoes left in the pot, all four of them raced to the kitchen to fight over who got the last bit of it. Well, for tonight I knew I would make the potatoes again. I also would make kielbasa with noodles and peppers. 

While we were at the store I was amazed at some of the stuff I found for sell there. I had never seen a rutabaga before, only heard of them. Plus this place had RC cola which I am more in love with than Coca-cola. But I also found some yummy Hungarian food that I honestly wish I could have gotten to make but I didn't want to attempt to make something for the first time for the guys and ruin it.

 Once we got back home I began cooking while the guys went back and forth between playing videos games and watching a Titus stand up. First I started to make the potatoes since boiling them would take forever. Then I started working on kielbasa and peppers. After slicing the meat links into 1 inch circles, I sauteed the meat in a little bit of olive oil until they swelled up and turned brown. Then I sliced up the peppers (one red, one yellow and two green for color) and half of a large sweet onion. I sauteed these in olive oil as well. Then I put them to the side to start making the potatoes while the noodles boiled. After I drained the potatoes, I dumped sour cream, a stick of butter and some milk into the pot and mashed the potatoes up until they were pretty much creamy. Then I added in oregano, chives, cilantro, sharp cheddar cheese and bacon bits. After it was all mixed, I drained the noodles and mixed the onions, peppers, and kielbasa into the noodles. The guys loved it!!!

Well, Matt is out with the guys having a guys night and I need to get some sleep.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

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