Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Thoughts And Things I Have Noticed On This Blogging Platform

First of all, Kelly Star is not my real name. It is sort of a self imposed nickname/ nom de plume. Kelly is my real first name. Star is a made up last name but yet still a family name from a few generations ago. I am not going to use my real name on here because with the weirdos and whatnot out there, it would just be dumb. However, I may have to change my name after finding out that not only do I share Kelly Star with a porn star wannabe but she too has a blog on Blogger. Okay okay so she spells it Starr but it is still too close for comfort. I am debating if I should change my nom de plume but if I do, it won't have the same meaning to me as Kelly Star does. I have an email account for when I use things like craigslist that has the name Kelly Star as the senders name. When ever my phone buzzes with a notification for a email for Kelly Star, both me and Matt say it like that girl says "Super star" in, well "Superstar".

Another thing I have noticed as I hit the button marked "Next Blog" to see what is out there, I have noticed that it is either a Christianity devotion blog or a blog about some mom and her kid(s) and her happy husband (they all seem like charmed little lives that belong on a lifetime movie). Or both. I have occasionally stumbled on to a random trip blog or living in another state or country blog. This site is made up of more different people than I thought. It is interesting to read through them and briefly see the world or someone else's world through their eyes. I wonder sometimes if there is someone out there reading my posts and seeing things through my eyes.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

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