Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coffee + Music + Laptop = Perfect Tuesday Afternoon

Okay so I am sitting in Barnes and Nobles writing this. It took FOREVER to find an open outlet to plug in my computer. Matt dropped me off here to do my homework and to do my computer stuff because the silly boy has no Wi-Fi at his apartment. I like B&N. I am trying to avoided buying any books. I love to read and being in a bookstore and trying not to buy anything is like a PMSing fat chick in a chocolate store. Damn near impossible not to buy anything. I kept reminding myself that I have to keep my money for tomorrow night in case I have my birthday party. I am debating on canceling it due to the weather. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I wanted to go to Frankie's to play putt-putt, do the racetrack, and play in the batting cages. Well its kind of hard to do that stuff when its raining and there is an 80% chance of rain... But I did decide that if I do cancel it then I am going to go get a tattoo. Not sure what kind of tattoo but probably something to do with a star or something like that. I don't have one yet but I have always wanted to one.

Speaking of tattoos. Matt gave me an idea for a tattoo for me to get when I convert over to Judaism (I'm converting after we get engaged). We were joking that I should get a tattoo that is a
K in a triangle to show that I am kosher now. It would put where no one but he could see. I don't need people asking what it means. LOL It will be our little joke.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had my first day of class for Sterile Processing. I got to school at 8:15am only to find out that class doesn't start until 9am. It was a typo on my schedule that was fixed on everyone else's. So I wait around til class starts. The dread Ms. Walker walks in and asks if we had our books (which no one of us did because the bookstore didn't have them). She then spends the next 1.5 hours trying to find out why we don't have our books. She comes back and we begin class with xeroxed copies of her book. We get through 4 chapters in an hour. Then she lets us go on break for 1 hour telling us to be back 12:30pm. I met Matt for a yummy breakfast at Panera's. I love their Cinnamon Crunch bagels with the honey walnut spread. After lunch, I walk back into the classroom and all the girls in there tell me to look at the board. Ms. Walker had written that she decided that she won't be returning until 1pm... Seriously??? So for the third time that day I sit at my desk and twiddle my thumbs (okay really I was reading but whatevs). She comes in at 1:05 and quickly shows us the 20 instruments we need to memorize for our finally and dismisses us at 1:12pm... I hope the next 3 classes are a little more worth the money I am paying. LOL

After class I went to Matt's. I love that he lives like half a mile from my school. We watched Monk for a bit before I passed out (as usual). Matt treated me to Little Caesar's pizza and bread sticks. Yes they were just as yummy as when I was child.

After dinner we headed over to Bralie's in Durham so Matt could get drunk and sing karaoke. I love listening to Matt sing. We are going to Kildaire's tonight for more karaoke after we go see Jaws at the Varsity. I love our date nights.

Well, I guess I need to actually get on with my homework so that I can get back to Matt's in time to get ready for our date.

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

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