Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Sundays :)

Today was a great day. From start to finish.

This morning Riley woke up about 5:30am but came down stairs to go back to sleep. I think she is still adjusting from her mom being gone at night. She slept for a bit before deciding she wanted to watch one of her Barbie movies in bed (her little nest of pillows and blankets on the couch). Of course 5 mins into the movie, she is asleep again. I continued watching Barbie's Swan Lake. OMG the characters in that movie are so freaky looking. The little kids all look like Chucky dolls. Riley got up in just enough time to start playing with her blocks before Megan came home.

After work I went over to Matt's to catch up on some sleep. We ended up crashing out for about 5 hours. We have never slept that late before. It felt great. I always sleep the best when I am with Matt. Its not even that we snuggle or what while we sleep. Its more that he is there and I know he will be there when I wake up.

Okay I am not the type of person to go into detail about my sex life or anything like that because I think the really intimate stuff should stay behind closed doors. But I do want to say one quick thing. I have been with a few people in my life. Matt, by far is the most amazing lover I have EVER had. I don't know if it has something to do with the connection we share emotionally or if its his technique but WOW. Seriously. If I didn't love him like I really do, I would seriously stay with him just for the sex. Thank god though that there is more to him than great sex.

After Matt's I went to my sister's job. We use to work for the same guy but I got out of that a few weeks ago. Duru is sleazy business man that has a shop on Franklin St that sells over priced dresses and scarves. He also has a kiosk at Southpoint Mall that sells crappy sheets that tear or are packaged not even finished. He doesn't mind using people's stolen credit cards because he will still get paid if it stolen. He never gave me a schedule. Instead he would wait til the day before or the day of to tell me to work. He hated that I wasn't such a docile little girl and that I would point out when he was doing something wrong and shady. He constintly tired to have me work for cheaper wages and would tell me it was my fault for his other kiosk having to close because I was too expensive (I was making $8/ hour). Not my fault he was trying to sell $10 tshirts for $50 or winter gear in 90 degree weather at full price.

Any who, I went to let my sister go get a break. Oh yeah that was the other thing. He would schedule us to work with no break. Neither the shop nor the kiosk has a bathroom. Sometime he would schedule us to work 11 hour shifts. On Sundays, my sis has to work for 7 hours. I usually go around 3pm to let her go get coffee, food, and to have a pee and smoke break.

When I got home later, I helped my parents with some gardening. We planted some tomato plants and herbs. The front yard is starting to look good. We just need to fix the lawn mower so that you can actually see it. We ended up grilling out for dinner. We made yummy steaks and sweet potatoes. Mom made a lemon cake for dessert.

So I did get some sad news today. One of my really good friends from high school  that I have been sort of reconnecting with this year is going through some really tough shit. She was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. Just before she got married to her husband, Robbi. Mary has been going to UNC to get treatment. Earlier this year they said they couldn't help her anymore so they referred her to Sloan Kettering in NYC for more help. Robbi announced yesterday that SK can't help her at all. Today he said that they are bringing Mary to her parents' house for hospice. I can't imagine how that must feel to know your wife may die before your second anniversary. I am really trying to block my feelings right now. I don't want to break down now. I'm scared to see her because I honestly don't know if I am strong enough for her. Keep Mary in your thoughts please.

Namaste my friends.


Kelly Star

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