Friday, July 2, 2010

A Lifetime Of Drama In Just A Few Days.

So I have alot of catching up to do. Let me just take it day by day. Hopefully it will be less confusing that way.


  • Saw a crazy woman at the bank. She left her car that SHE was driving outside the carport drive up area to walk up to the tube delivery area. 
  • Met with the Dean of Miller- Motte College. He told me that I could retake the Sterile Processing class for free (but the way he phrased it made it seem like they would still take my financial aid but not charge me the monthly tuition. He won't let me take the Surgical Tech classes I was promised because there are too many student signed up for it. 
  • I called around to the various community colleges and found out that none of my class are transferable. Not a single one. 
  • I found out that Community Colleges don't take Sally May loans. 
  • The school furthest from me has the program I want most but the school that has old credits from years ago has no programs of interest for me.
  • Recieved a job offer to watch a 9 month old for 30 hours a weekend. The pay would only be $100 a week. NO THANKS!
  • It is going to cost me $1600 a semester to go to school up front. 
  • Matt tried to cheer me up by taking me out for ice cream.
  •  My parents joined us for trivia at Kildaire's. We got up to 7th place.


  • Matt took me to go play putt-putt and video games at Frankie's Fun Park. We had alot of fun.
  • Matt beat me at putt-putt. :) 
  • He is awesome at Guitar Hero!
  • We also saw duckies on the course.

  • That night Matt and I did trivia at TGI Fridays in Durham. We won 3rd place!!! 

  •  We got an AWESOME banana split too.

  • Had a job interview. 
  • I-40 shut down due to a bomb threat. 
  • Trivia at Sparks. Got 4th place. Currently ranked with 39th in the league!
  •  Woke up to an email saying I wasn't going to get the nanny job I interviewed with the night before because I charged too much. Before the interview I checked and found out that I could charge $11.50 a hour but I could also add up to $1 to $2 an hour to that because the daughter was a 7 month old child with down syndrome. I asked for $12.50.
  • When Matt found out about me not getting the job, he kind of freaked. I deserved it. I was making plans and promises after the interview went perfectly. 

So that is my week in a nutshell. This weekend is still crazy and not even starting yet. I am going to Matt's show tomorrow night. Then Saturday making a pecan pie to take to Matt's parents house because we are going to Myrtle Beach for the 4th.

While we are down there we are going to try to see if Matt's dad will bless him. We are trying anything we can to change our luck. I am going to get some sage and burn it at his place. I need to figure out how to get blessed myself. I need help. Matt needs help. Its more than just negative thoughts. We can't seem to achieve any of our goals. Neither of us can find a job. I can't go to school nor can I graduate. He has to move out of his apartment but can't afford anything without me but right now I live off of $450 a month. I can't move in with him. Which means he has no place to live as of September. Any suggestions?

Namaste my friends.

Kelly Star

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